Where to Buy Tickets and Rules of Play



**IMPORTANT REMINDER ABOUT RADIO BINGO & A TUNE:  Points Eagle Radio does NOT broadcast Radio Bingo online.**


 $5.00/per ticket


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  • ARBOR ACRES  (9612 West Ipperwash Road)  


  • AL’S GAS & VARIETY  (9401 West Ipperwash Road)


  • KETTLE & STONY POINT GAS & CONVENIENCE  (7119 Lakeshore Road) 

  • POINT’S PREFERENCE SUPERMARKET  (9111 West Ipperwash Road)  


  • MAIN VARIETY  (10 Main Street)







  1. When you have a Bingo, immediately call 519-786-3883. This is the only line where Bingo calls will be taken.  It is your responsibility to stop the game.
  2. POINT’S EAGLE RADIO CKTI 107.7 FM IS NOT responsible for difficulties experienced with inadvertent dialing, busy signals, failure of phone equipment, power surges, power outages and any other telephone difficulties not listed.
  3. Should a power outage occur during the bingo game, POINT’S EAGLE RADIO CKTI 107.7 FM will wait up to thirty (30) minutes, then resume play. In the event of a mass power shutdown that is not restored in a half hour, the game will resume at 7pm the following evening.
  4. Please take into consideration that POINT’S EAGLE RADIO CKTI 107.7 FM has call display and that all prank calls will be reported to the proper authorities.
  5. Players are required to verify that they have the correct cards before leaving the bingo outlet.
  6. POINT’S EAGLE RADIO CKTI 107.7 FM will not issue refunds.
  7. POINT’S EAGLE RADIO CKTI 107.7 FM is not responsible for duplicate cards or any other errors in printing, distribution or production.
  8. You must be at least 18 years of age to play.
  9. You must be 18 years of age to purchase tickets.
  10. When playing POINT’S EAGLE RADIO CKTI 107.7 FM radio bingo, you must use a Bingo dabber or a permanent ink marker, which allows the printed numbers to be see. Radio bingo cars are distributed in series and this number will change every week.  The bingo cards will be in a specific colour for that week, and will be stamped with the radio station identification.  Winning cards that do not correspond to the series being played that week will not be honoured by POINT’S EAGLE RADIO 107.7 FM.
  11. Bingo card sales will be discontinued prior to game time.
  12. DO NOT CUT your cards or they will be declared invalid.
  13. Recaps are done on the Bingo games at ball #30 and #50.
  14. When you call in your bingo, you will be asked for the series numbers, located in the “FREE” space on your winning card.
  15. All winning bingos will be declared closed by the announcer before the next game starts. Once a Bingo has been declared closed, bingo cannot be claimed for that game.  When claiming your prize money, you must bring your winning card to the radio station, sign the back of the card and show the proper identification.  You will also be required to sign the winner’s Book at the station.  Winners are required to give permission for their names to be announced on air.  Failure to give permission may result in forfeiture of any and all winnings.  No renumeration will be given for the use of winner’s names or likenesses.
  16. Bingo winnings may be picked up at the radio station from 9 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Thursday and Fridays 9 am to 4 pm, starting at 1 pm the day after the bingo.
  17. Our Bingo volunteers have been instructed NOT to handle any complaints. Therefore, if a player has any questions or concerns regarding BINGO, they are to contact the Operations Director the next business day at 519-786-3883.
  18. Multiple winners will receive an equal share rounded off to the next higher dollar.




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