DICK LONCYNSKI – guitar / lead vocals

Dick has been playing guitar since he was 14 without the benefit of a single lesson. Being hooked by The Beatles (like everyone else) soon gave way to an infatuation with Neil Young. Next it was “Guitar Hero” training with Mountain, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top, etc. In his early 20′s the songwriting bug bit resulting in a couple of originals for HADLEY REIL (his first band) and later, the full blown originals act EDUCATION. When EDUCATION dissolved, Dick formed HATCHETMEN originally as a cover band to attract players that he could convince to play the originals once again. There have been lots of HATCHETMEN over the years resulting in todays stellar lineup.

Dick is married 30 years to Dr. Catherine Rowe and they have two grown children, Adam (25) & Harrison (19).

Dick favors Gibson guitars and Marshall amplification.

REG NICHOLAS – bass guitar

Reg is the new guy! He’s been playing the bass since the dawn of time and is a master of both the electric and stand-up bass.

Reg lives in Marysville, Michigan and is self-employed. He found HATCHETMEN by responding to a CraigsList ad. Go figure.

He plays Fender guitars through a Homewrecker/Eden rig.

RANDY DUNN – drums/vocal

Randy grew up in Waldenburg, Mi. and began playing the drums at age 10. He took drum and percussion lessons from 1980-88 with premier Detroit area drummer Mr. Nick Backos. In high school, he flopped around in a few garage bands, but nothing serious. After graduating from college, Randy happened upon the Hatchetmen, who were in need of a drummer. The rest is rock and blues HISTORY. Randy plays Premier and DW Drums, and uses Zildjian cymbals, exclusively.

Photo courtesy of Reg Nicholas

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